@ngels @ll @round’s driving force and inspiration is Regina Redfeather. After a near death accident on December 31, 1997, Regina started signing every one of her letters with three “At” symbols, @@@.  An acronym for @[email protected]@round. On December 31, there were @ngels @ll @round Regina and her two sons, as the Firemen and Paramedics frantically tried to pull her from the mangled wreckage.  She was airlifted to a nearby hospital in critical condition.  Her chances of survival; not good.  After multiple surgeries, and near death experiences, Regina made a full recovery, thanks to her @ngels.

Regina has radiated a shining presence, from a very young age.  She knew something special was surrounding her, guiding her, taking care of her, driving her onward.  And she has always wanted to help others, whether through random acts of kindness, or just lending an ear as a friend.

All of us have touched by someone or something in our lives, and some, we regard as @ngels.  These @ngels are all around, and Regina is one of them.  It’s been fifteen years since the accident, and Regina’s drive to share her message that @ngels are @ll @round is stronger than ever.  @ngel awareness is growing daily.

The @@@ Trademark/Logo has been launched internationally, and with it comes great opportunity and responsibility.  The creation of her company, @[email protected]@round is Regina’s dream come true.  @ngels @ll @round is about helping those needing an @ngel’s touch in their lives.  They might be a sibling, a son or daughter.  They might be a parent or grandparent.  They might be a veteran, or a hospitalized child, someone in need…  Whoever they might be, @ngels @ll @round’s goal is to bring the joy of knowing someone out there cares, really cares, and is thinking of them.

Our mission is to promote Worldwide awareness of @ngels in our everyday lives, through our unique brand of quality apparel, headgear, jewelry, and @ngel novelties.  We do this with the love and non-denominational, non-exemption brand of @@@.

The @@@ Angels All Around Logo, and any likeness thereof, is a registered trademark of Redfeather & Clark Expeditions, LLC. Any reproduction of this Logo is strictly prohibited.